SCOT YOUNG GOT  THE CONVERSATION THOSE TWO LITERARY BIG GUYS RIGHT!   The last time I saw one of them standing naked at my party in S.F. They other thankfully not naked in N.Y. but having a beer after St. Mark’s reading puzzling “Who are all these People!”  Thanks for bringing them back.

–Charles Plymell

brautigan and bukowski live – drinking beer – talking poetry – for a few precious lines in scot young’s poems – this small press publication is a creative masterpiece.

t. kilgore splake


28 page, numbered  chapbook.  Poems include Brautigan and/or Bukowski as a character or theme.  All art by F.N.Wright.  The first 1-10  include an original 5×7 watercolor by Wright.  each one different.  Each one inspired by one of the poems.  With the painting $10.00.  Just the chap– $4.00.  Postage 1.50, either way.

Limited to 50 copies–ONE  watercolor edition left.

Paypal may be sent to

or email for mailing address.


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